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Friday, December 6, 2019

How to Create MTN http Injector File For South Africa 2019/2020

In this article I will teach you how to create an Ehi file for HTTP injector Step by Step, I am using this opportunity to apologize to my visitor from South Africa, as we have taken it without a proper update of HTTP injector files, so I have decided to teach you how to create the file yourself, what we need you to do is read this article carefully. after you have finished reading and watch the videos I give you below

Http Injector is really Good for Streaming, Downloading, Browsing webpages and others, Today, like what i told you above, I am going to show you how easily you can create Http Injector Config yourself. So, I am going to use a Video tutorial and also writing a post to explain the steps.
Click on the below link to redirect you creation page

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Updated Free Browsing VPN for MTN Cheats - Stack VPN Reloaded

Stark VPN out again, the owner of the stark VPN launch new VPN called Stark VPN reloaded, the Stack VPN reloaded is the Latest free browsing VPN that working in Nigeria after 24Clan VPN stopped due to more users working with it, Stack VPN reloaded working fast and easier, without wasting our time lets us go to that VPN.

How To Set Stack VPN Reloaded

Step 1:-  Download Stack VPN Reloaded from playstore here.
Step 2:-  Install it and launch it, click on tweak and select MTN 50MB Daily
Finally, Hit the connect...
That All friends . we hope you get this helpfull
Note: this VPN working only in Nigeria

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How To Get MTN 1GB For 100 Naira Valid For a 1 Month {Latest}

As we know that each of all Nigerian Network platforms 9mobile, Glo, Mtn, Airtel, need to be best in the data plant program, so that what we want. 

MTN is here with another plan that gives customers 1GB data for only 100 Naira valid for a long 1 month, and I will show you how to get it in this post.

How To Get MTN 1GB For 100 Naira

Note: This plant is for selected customers
> Get your sim card with one hundred(100) Naira recharge card 
> And dial *131*100# to active that 1GB for 100
> To cheek data balance, dial *131*4# 
> Valid for 1 month 

Before you recharge your sim, make sure you comfirm that you are eligible for this offer or not 
To cheek sim card eligibility *131*100#, if you get something like the image below, you are not eligible,

Otherwise, you will get insufficient balance response,  so that you can recharge and subscribe for this plan.

That's all friends. please share this post and leave a comment in comment box below  

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Earn Money Online - Chipper Cash Referral Program - Earn Up To 500 Naira Daily 2019

How to Earn  Money Online. in today's post, I will present to you a CHIPPER CASH, that you can earn money from home with a little work.
Now is the time for social media to take its toll by sharing your referral code

    What Is Chipper Cash App

    Chipper Cash is a simple way to send, receive and access your money known as an online wallet, so you can send and receive money from anywhere in the world,
    Chipper Cash also offers an N250 for the referral program when you invite someone to chipper cash both of you will get N250 and you can send it directly to your bank account, or buy airtime, that I will all that in this post.

    How To SignUp Chipper Cash

    It very simple and easy
    > Download Chipper Cash Apk Here
    > After you download, install and open it
    > Then register with your phone number and create a login pin

    How To Withdraw My Money From Chipper Cash

    You can also go to the profile floated at the right
    > Check where Cash Out is, tab on it 

    > then fill your bank information 
    > then enter the amount you want to send, and then send it. 

    How Can I Verify My Chipper Cash?

    > It's not like any other on the bottom right-hand side tab on Profile and scrolls down to see where Verify is
    > Tab it, snap your identity like National Id Card, Voters Card, and so on
    > Then snap  yourself with the card
    > Then write down the card numbers eg National I'd Card, Voters Card and other
    > At least you have to wait for three days before your verification is complete,

    How To Refer And Earn 250 Naira On Chipper Cash

    > After opening the Chipper Cash App
    > At the bottom tab on the Earn area you will be prompted to copy your referral link, and anyone you invite and verifying will give you  N250 each of you, and you can send the money to your bank account or by airtime.
    >> Every person you invite must verify his identity  before each of you get free N250
    >> also anyone that you refer, refer someone you will get the bonus of  N75

     Download Chipper Cash Here and Enjoy this big deal

    That is all friends if you have a question ask on the comment box bellow 

    Yadda Zaku Samu Kudi DaGa Gida Ta Yanar Gizo Da Chipper Cash App 2019

    Barka dai abokai masu bibiyar ArewaTechBlog, yanzu locaki ya canza, kana da ka zaune agida zaka dinga aiki ta yanar gIzo ana biyanka, Acikin wannan jawabinmu na yau zan gabatar muku da wata Manhaja wanda akafi sani da  (Application) mai suna CHIPPER CASH wanda ta shi zaku iya samun kudi kuna daka gida, Ba komai bane aiki illa tallata musu manhajar su, zasu baka Naira N250 ga duk mutun daya da ka gaiyata zuwa manhajar chipper Cash,
    Kasani a rana ina iya hada Sama da Naira 1000 da wannan manhajar


      Mene Chipper Cash

      Chipper cash dai wani sansani ne na yanar gizo  wanda ake hada-hadar kudi a ciki wanda akafi sani da (online wallet), haka zalika kuma zala iya tura ko amsar kudi daka ko ina a fadin Africa duk a wannan manhaja ta Chipper Cash.
      haka zalika Chipper Cash  suna bada garabasar Naira 10 a register da kai ta farko sannan suka baka Naira 250 idan kai verify, zaka iya turasu ga bankinka atake alocakin, wanda duk zaku sani idan kun gama karanta wannan Article din.

      Yadda Ake Rejistar Chipper Cash

      >To da farko dai zaka Sauke manhajar Chipper Cash ta nan (Danna nan dan saukewa)
      > Bayan ka sauke manhajar sai ka install dinta ka kuma bude 
      > Sannan kayi register da number wayarka
      > Nan take zasu baka Naira 10

      Yadda Ake Gayyata Asami Naira 250 A Chipper Cash

      > Bayan ka bude Manhajar 
      > A kasa zaka inda akasa Earn sai ka shiga ka kwafo referral  link dinka, duk wanda ka gayyata kuma yayi verifying  zasu baku Naira 250 kaba dayanku, kuma zaka iya tura kudin zuwa bankinka ko kuma katin waya.
      > >kasani duk wanda ka gayyata dule ne yayi verify afin kowa acikinku a bashi Naira 250
      >>bugu da kari kuma, duk wanda ka gayyata kuma shima ya gaiyyaci wani kana da kamasho na N75

      Yadda Ake Verifyin Na Chipper Cash

      > Shima ba wala kamar sauran a kasa bankaren dama zakaga Profile sai ka shiga kaja can kasa zaka ga inda akasa Verify 
      > Sai ka shiga, ka dau hoton identity naka kamar National Id Card, Voters Card, da sauransu
      > Sannan ka dau hoton kanka tare da katin 
      > Sai kuma ka rubutamu numbobin katin, shikenan 
      > A kalla zaka jira na kamar kwana uku kafin verify din ka ya kammalu,

      Yadda Ake Cire Kudi Daka Chipper Cash Zuwa Banki

      > Shima dai akasa hannun dama ka shiga profile
      > Zakaga inda akasa Cash Out

      > sai ka shigar da baya nan bankinka 

      > sannan ka sa adadin ka kake so ka tura, sannan ka tura   

      Duka Duka Wannan Shine Idan kana da tabaya kayi a Comment boxt dake kasa

      Wednesday, September 4, 2019

      Latest MTN Free Browsing Setting For 24Clan Vpn Green Edition - No Wahala It Simple 2019

      Peace be open you explore of ArewaTechBlog, On this very productive day and in this article of our day, I convey to you a Free, Stable, Hot and Fast, VPN Free Browsing that Does Not Need a Config file, named with 24Clan VPN Green edition v1.1, Before we say anything we would like to thank the 24Clan Team, who created it, after the other one-stop working and informed us to post it. We thank 24Clan Team.

      According to  24Clan Team
      24Clan VPN Green v1.0 Greater than 24Clan VPN Pro And Higher Frequency, And Not Disconnecting As The 24Clan VPN Pro, MTN Tweaks, And Remaining Servers Are Coming.
      This 24Clan VPN Green edition is better than any other 24Clan Vpn, and it does not interrupt as another one, and it abrogated every VPN used in Nigeria, so you can enjoy it and enjoy it, regardless this VPN App does not, let us go to the topic headline for almost what I am telling you

      How To Set Up Latest MTN Free Browsing Setting for 24Clan Green VPN v.01

      It is very simple than any other, just read the instruction below 

      ⇒ An Android Smart Phone v.4  
      ⇒ MTN Sim 3G 4G 
      ⇒  After you get the 24Clan Vpn from the above link install it and open it 
      ⇒  Then Tab on the {Tweaks: none
      ⇒  Select the MTN 0.0kb Free Server

      ⇒  Then Tab on the Gray 24Clan icon to connect, that all it will connect in 30 Second 
      That is all,  No wahala!
      please share this post and leave the comment in the comment section below 

      Sabon MTN Free Browsing Cheat Ta Amfani Da 24Clan Green VPN 2019

      Assalamu Alaikum masu bibiyar ArewaTechBlog, A wannnan rana mai cike da albarka kuma a cikin  wanna Article din namu na yau, ina mai muku Albishir da wani Hadadde, Kayatacce, Maizafi kuma mai sauri, VPN Free Browsing  Wanda baya bukatar Config file, Wanda aka masa lakabi da 24Clan VPN Green, Kafin muce komai bara mufara miki godiya ga 24Clan Team wanda sune suka kirkireshi kuma suka sanar da mu don muyi posting din sa. Muna godiya 24Can Team.

      Kamar Yadda 24Clan Team Sukace

      24Clan VPN Green Yafi 24Clan VPN Pro Kuma Yanada mafi girama gurin Sauri, Kuma baya Katsewa kamar yadda 24Clan VPN Pro yake yi, MTN Tweaks, sannan Ragowar Servers Suna nan tafe.

      Wannan 24clan VPN Green yafi 24Clan Vpn Pro komai, kamar su surin connecting, sannan baya katsewa, bugu dakari ma to kasani kowanne VPN da kasan ana amfani dashi a Nigeria, to fa wanna yafisu kuma zakaji dadinsa, shine wanda yayi replace din ragowar VPN batare da ina ta zuzuta muku wannan VPN App ba bari mu je ka kan gundarin topic din don kusan abin da nake fada muku gaskiyane

      Yadda Ake Saita Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat Via 24Clan VPN Green

      24Clan yana da sauki mutuka gurin yadda ake saita shi, ba wahala kawai ka nutsu ka karanta da kyau
      Ababuwar da ake bukata
      ⇒ Wayar Android daka v.5 zuwa sama
      ⇒ Layin MTN tsoho ko kuma sabo
      ⇒ Download 24Clan Vpn Green Here
        > Bayan ka Sauke 24Clan Vpn Green v.1.0 daka link din da ke sama, Sai kai install dinshi, sannan ka budeshi
        > Zaka ga Inda akasa { Tweaks:None} Sai ka shiga
        > Bayna ka shiga zakaga inda akasa MTN 0.0kb Free Server sai ka taba shi

        >  Shikenan Sai ka danna Hoton icon, wanda yake suwan toka
        >  Zai yi connecting cikin 30 Second Sai ka more 
      Duka duka wannan shine, idan kana da tambaya, to kayi a comment box dake kasa

      Tuesday, August 27, 2019


      Yawancin mu muna samun matsala  dangane da  application Hawa yanar gizo kyauta a yan kwanakin da suka wuce . Don haka na yanke shawarar sanar da wannan Tweakware App da kuma falil wanda aka giga aka saita, don haka Masu amfani da MTN Nigeria zasu iya ci gaba da hawa nayargizo kyauta tare da MTN SIM din su.

      A cikin wannan Bayani, Na raba fayil ɗin Tweakware da hanyoyin haɗin sauke apk. Don haka yayi dai dai da abinda kuke nema , zaku iya sauka zuwa wannan sashen na musamman.

      Yadda Ake Saita Tweakwere VPN MTN 0.0KB

      Tweakwere VPN kamar 24clan VPN yake Yana da saukin aiki, ba kamar VPN din sa suke amfani da SSH account ba, Wannan baka bukatar updateding file akai akai , baya expire.
      Na samar da fayil ɗin saitawa a ƙasa da ake buƙata don Free Browing na  MTN SIM ta Tweakware VPN. Abin da kawai za ku yi shi ne shigo da Fayil (import) cikin Tweakwere din, kamar yadda an riga an saita  a cikin fayil ɗin.

      Ababuwar Da Ake bukata 
      ↠ Wayar  Android
       MTN Sim Card
      ↠ Application din Tweakware VPN (Download it Here)
      ↠ File din Tweakware Config file, Download it Here

      ⇒ Da farko bayan ka saukar da App din Tweakware daga link din da ke sama, sai kai install din sa ka kuma kunna shi.
      ⇒  Sai ka. zabi Free Server - { Auto Select}

      ⇒ Bayan ka zabi Free Server akasa inda akasa  "None" sai ka shigga kazabi 'Import Tweak' 
      ⇒ Yanzu a saman App  sai ka danna kan "setting".
      ⇒ sai ka danna  import tweak sai ka shigo da fayil ɗin da kariga  kai downloaded.

      ⇒  bayan ka shigo da file din  yanzu sai ka danna madannin 'Connect' zai yi hadu a cikin 30 seconds.
      daka nnan sai ka more  Data  

      ku faɗi ra'ayoyi a cikin akwatin da ke ƙasa idan an sami hanyar haɗin da aka tsinkaye ko kuma wani batun tare da Tweakwere VPN za mu sabunta da zaran lokacin da kuka ruwaito.